Orange street lights and railway cars

Flicker and howl beneath each star

Dark winds sigh and chill the neck

A blanket of ice all across my trek

A Prussian blue sky rests pensively above

Yet now is not the time for love

Despite the cold and despite the breeze,

They are an exception to the calm

Emptiness is making waves of trouble

I’m trapped inside a constricting bubble

It’s not anxiety, it’s not real danger

Perhaps it’s all part of something stranger

Something sinister, something dark

The thing that makes you panic in a park

But it’s not outside, it’s all internal

Wraiths flashing of recently departed friends

Still Unknown shapes, unfamiliar signs

Squeaky swings send shivers up my spine

Perhaps high aesthetics require some mystery

Or even a dark and fabled history

But this gnawing horror is grossly plain

It encourages me to become lost within the rain

A departed friend, who left by choice

I still hear echoes of his voice


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