Thinking of the times we’ve shared


My spiritswells with hope for the human race

Romance can happen anywhere


It’s not a matter of place

It’s a sentimental notion, sure, but what of it?


With you on my mind, every moment spent—I love it

But the lonelyness, it eats at me


Bit by bit, and day by day

I’d like to think we’ll meet again, but I know better


There’ll never be that summer reunion, no “come what may”

And the only time I’ll see you, is in those imprints in my memory


But thankfully, I get to play them whenever, wherever, all the time

These are simple words, but feelings indescribable


I guess they’ll never really settle, until I write of you

All this truly is, is a note in prose


One saying “I sure do miss you”, but also


“That’s just the way it goes”


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