When the seductive clangs and clamors of ambition dies down,

The grandest of fires and spectacles now embers

When the dark night blankets us, silently, all around

And all that is heard are minor sounds

It becomes, silently, such a loud realization

That it brings no more satisfaction to be a “winner”,

Than it does to be a broke, cold and lonely man,

Dwelling as would a hermit do, in a cave

This is literal, but also a metaphor:

The vast emptiness reminds us of what we lack

Through its wide and broad echos

Not to mock us, or to  us scoff

But to remind us, that our hearts,

Still have so much room to give, love and store

Leave your cavernous, dark cravings where they belong

And make your shadows with those who care for you instead

Because that way, when the lights go out, you’ll still feel warm

And dearly, dearly loved.


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