I’m halving-up an Avocado, it’s lime-green, mustard-yellow and full of character

Anytime I process those colors or savor that iconic, so-so-Californian fruit

Nostalgia creeps in with it, between my teeth-gums-tongue and brain

But it tastes bitter-sweet, no matter how ripe, delicious or organic

Remembering how you tenderly made brown-toast with it

It’s trivial, this; far better things to recall so late at night

But remembering love, it just floods in strangely

I recapture our life, and want to dance again

But then it’s gone, and I sink deeply down

And everything just tilts, falls right over

Deflated, I throw it in the trash bin,

Trying cheer up, forget it all until—

The next day when I crave you

I’ll always love you,  “Audrey”

And of course, avocados


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