“Glory is guaranteed”, the colonel says, as I bleed-out on the battlefield

Everything goes black, and I feel like I’m falling for hours and hours

The field I awaken to is set aflame, and there is only one path to tread

I reach the rusty iron gates, which speaks of some very tired cliche

And inside, the eternal fire rises, in this dark, humid and repugnant dwelling

No illumination is generated, only white-lighted fury and noxious fumes

The heat is mighty; it quickly melts the rock into a red hot, foul-smelling paste

When my hands touch the coarse and jagged formations, they lacerate and burn

Here, there exists vast caverns of red rock and poisonous smoke for miles

At my feet, there is a cliff, and a tenth of a mile beneath lies agony in its canyon:

Millions of vicious fanged cretans, and perfectly sharpened, obsidian blades

Waiting, with shameless hunger, frenzied rage and uncontrollable bloodlust

To rip my appendages, and literally tear me limb from limb, with utter pleasure

Past the wasteland, there exists once-opulent, decaying ancient buildings

As I walk through, indescribable tortures are being performed: every weapon,

Every device ever conceived to impart pain onto another is available

The humidity here, and outside, is so intense that’s totally palpable

The drums of war are always pounding, and our fever only intensifies

Endless sweat glides down, as all this and more stays severe, and constant

My insides feel at a boil, and I’ve only just arrived in Hell


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