Rebecca transgressed very often

Committing lively, impure acts

But with her pale and cold flesh, she was fit for a coffin

And despite the girl’s thrills, she regretted her pact


She soaked her sins in chaste talk and attars

Submitting to baptism may have cleansed her

God always knows a ratter

Two coins clink nearby, and her world reeks of myrrh


She once raged full-speed inside her young head

But outside, she spoke only in whispers

Always is forever, and now her dreams are all dead

Now her visage is fixed, and she’ll sink through the fissure


She hid her cruelty cleverly, and stashed away her vice

Her clever tongue was so sharp, it pierced like a knife

Knew her deeds were cloaked, and that she’d paid the price

But before the trial started, she ended her life


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